Surmani Dattatreya Velankar

Surmani Dattatreya Velankar is a disciple of an acclaimed Gwalior-Kirana Gharana vocalist, Pt. Vinayak Torvi. Dattatreya is an accomplished Hindustani classical performer, teacher, KathaKeertankar, academician and the founder of Shadja Kala Kendra, Bangalore, India.

*  As a Hindustani Classical Vocalist

Dattatreya is disciple of renowned Gwalior-Kirana Gharana maestro, Pt. Vinayak Torvi. For the last 23 years, he has pursued rigorous training under Torviji, who has blessed Dattatreya with Ganda Bandan Deeksha. Gifted with a rich and graceful voice, Dattatreya’s exquisite rendition style has won him many critical acclaims and accolades, both in India and abroad. Dattatreya Velankar is an ‘A’ graded All India Radio and Doordarshan artiste. He is empaneled Artiste of ICCR (Indian council for cultural relations) Govt. of India.

He has performed at many music festivals, such as:

  • All Night Music Festival – Gururao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha, Bangalore
  • Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre Youth Festival, Mumbai
  • ‘Aarohi’ organized by Pancham Nishad, Mumbai
  • Devnandan Ubhaykar Youth Festival, Bangalore
  • Soorya Festival, Trivandrum
  • Malabar Festival, Calicut
  • Kala Prakash, Varanasi
  • Uttaradhikari Festival, Ratlam MP
  • Tyagaraja College of Music and Dance, Hyderabad
  • Swami Vivekananda 150th Anniversary celebrations, Rajkot
  • Pracheena Kala Kendra, Chandigarh

Jugalbandi concerts with Vidwan Balasubramanya Sharma (Carnatic Vocal)

“Surmani” title conferred by the Sursingar Samsad, Mumbai

“Bhajan Bhushan” title conferred by the Maharashtra Association, Chennai and he has been performing many Santavani concerts.

*  As a Katha Keerthanakar

Katha keertan is a composite art comprising of many art forms like classical music, drama, dance, folk art and storytelling. Katha keertan has many names like Harikatha, Katha kalakshepam, Sangeetopanyasa, Katha prasangam, Keertan. Many katha keerthankars from Karnataka have contributed immensely to this unique art form. Keertanacharya Lakshmandas Velankar is well known Harikatha exponent and disciple of legendary Haridasas Sant Bhadragiri Achyutdasji and Sant Bhadragiri Keshavdasji. He wrote ‘Katha Keerthan Kale’ a theoretical grantha in kannada besides many keerthan scripts.

Dattatreya is fortunate to have spent his childhood in the divinity of Bhadragiri brothers and he grew up listening to Bhadragiri brothers and his father Lakshmandasji s harikathas. Dattatreya has inherited a unique lineage and inspired by his parents, Dattatreya took up haritkatha at a tender age and made his mark as a child prodigy. During his early schooling at the Ramakrishna Balakashrama in Mangalore, Swami Jitakamanandaji encouraged him to perform keertans in several places. Now he has taken Katha Keerthan art form seriously with classical vocal and performed Katha Keerthans at many places, Ramakrishna Math Mangalore, Krishna Math San Jose (USA) to name a few. It is indeed a speciality of Dattatreya, that he performs both Hindustani Classical Vocal and Katha Keerthan. He has toured USA, Singapore, Sweden and Australia.

*  As a Academician

  • ‘Vidwat’ in Vocal Music from the Government of Karnataka
  • “Sangeet Prabhakar” from Prayag Sangeet Sameethi, Allahabad
  • M.A. in Music from Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music University, Mysore
  • Dattatreya Velankar is perusing Phd in Katha keerthan from Jain University from Bangalore under the able guidance of Vidhushi Dr. Meera Rajaram Pranesh. Delivered several Lecture-cum-Demonstration performances on various topics in Hindustani Classical Music

*  As a Guru

Dattatreya has been teaching classical music from past 16 years. His students have been giving Classical Music and Bhajan concerts. He has many students in USA and a few of students have given their debut concert in Boston USA. He is visiting faculty of LearnQuest Academy of Music, Waltham MA USA. Dattatreya is one of the founders of the Shadja Kala Kendra Trust, Bangalore – an institution dedicated to the age-old ‘Guru-Shishya Parampara’ of Hindustani Classical Music and he is training several students.

He has brought out many CDs and Books for the students of music ‘Learning CD’,

  • a student’s guide to the basics of Hindustani Classical Music Sangeet Mala, Part 1 and Part 2, outlining the basics of Hindustani Classical Music in a 2-part series, with accompanying CD
  • Hindustani Sangeet Praveshika (a compilation of compositions)
  • “Swami Vivekananda’s Contributions to Indian Classical Music”
  • ‘Katha Keertan”, an introduction

Dattatreya has many Hindustani Classical, Bhajans, Jugalbandi and Katha Keerthan CDs to his credit.

Surmani Dattatreya Velankar
Yajna, No 2&3, First floor, 6th cross, Sulatnpalya, RT Nagar,
Bangalore- 560032 Ph – +91 9845320512

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